ACI Worldwide (ICW) an electronic payments system provider, has partnered with Experian Decision Analytics to market the company’s decision-making software to ACI customers.

Decision-making software makes split-second decisions based on a customer’s profile and credit record, for instance granting a customer an unauthorised overdraft if they have a good credit record.

According to the two companies Experian’s decision-making improves efficiency and targeting in processing customer applications, managing portfolios and streamlining collections and recoveries.

Jeffrey Hale, senior vice president of retail payments for ACI Worldwide, said: "Holistic account decision-making enables credit card issuers to treat customers as individuals throughout the relationship. This starts with attracting the ‘right’ customer, moves into servicing that customer with tailored offerings, and even covers developing appropriate strategies in managing collections.

"The combination of the Experian and ACI solutions will give card issuers a more complete answer to their card management and decision-making needs, allowing them to eliminate duplicate systems and streamline the management of their customers’ credit card life cycle."

Steve Platt, executive vice president and general manager for Experian Decision Analytics Products, said: "We are delighted to partner with ACI to help its customers use sophisticated data analytics to enhance its end-user relationships and ultimately grow margins.

"Our customers have seen significant benefit from the use of our advanced and proven decision analytics services, which help drive operational efficiency, improve customer relationships and deliver bottom-line growth. We look forward to working together with ACI on this global partnership opportunity."


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