The average spending on classic, non-premium credit cards has reached a 10-year high in December 2013, according to the latest quarterly UK cards data released by Fair, Isaac and Company (FICO).

During the same period, the proportion of classic UK credit cards with no delinquencies also reached a 10-year high.

FICO’s Benchmark Reporting Service data showed that sales per average card increased from £74 to £612 during December 2011 and 2013, mainly driven by veteran accounts.

In the same period, average sales grew by £46 for cards opened within the last five years, and fell by £35 for cards opened within last one year.

Fair Issac advisors business consultant, Stacey West, said UK consumers are fuelling the economic recovery and card trends bear this out.

"Positive results for delinquency measures and payments to balance indicate that cardholders with more mature accounts have renewed confidence in their ability to repay card balances. Our latest data shows a number of positive trends for both classic and premium cards," West added.