Image Retail Solutions (IRS), a UK-based EPoS hardware and software supplier, has partnered with Anderson Zaks to offer fully integrated outsourced card payment processing services for its merchant customers.

Under the deal, Anderson Zaks will also allow Image Retail Solutions’ customers to process card transactions fast and securely, deliver improved management information and enable a range of value-add services such as cash back and mobile phone top-ups.

The Anderson Zaks’ solution, which is based on RedCard software, accepts all major credit and debit cards and new contactless payment cards.

Image Retail Solutions managing director, Darren Windsor, said Anderson Zaks takes the time to understand what they are trying to achieve and the services that their customers are asking for, and work with them to deliver a cost effective and easy-to-use solution.

Anderson Zaks managing director, Iain High, said customer service has never been more important both in terms of the service provided by retailers to the consumer, and for those of them providing the services to the retailer.

"At Anderson Zaks we are committed to providing a flexible service to our partners that enables them to provide innovative services to their customers. We take a slightly different approach to most payment service providers in that we promote independence from banks, which are often costly and inflexible for smaller retailers," High added.