Isbank, the largest bank by assets in Turkey,
is rolling out biometric authentication technology across 2,400 of
its ATMs and in 1,000 of its branches.

The bank is implementing Hitachi’s Finger Vein
authentication system, and has engaged systems integration
specialists MIG International to upgrade its network.

The service – called ‘Biyokimlik’
(Bio-identity) – is being made available to all Isbank customers in
Turkey for both card and non-card transactions.

The bank is also implementing the technology
at the point of sale, through its merchant acquiring business. POS
devices using Finger Vein technology are currently being trialed by
several merchants. In a statement, the bank said it is planning to
expand, and “create the largest biometric POS network in the

The head of Isbank’s IT Division Sabri
Gökmenler said:

“Isbank has a long history of innovation in
banking in the Turkish financial sector and has always been the
market leader regarding the introduction of new services and

“The bank sees the implementation of
biometrics at ATMs as a natural evolution in the use of technology
to provide new levels of security and flexibility for our

“One of the main benefits of using finger vein
technology is that customers can withdraw cash from the ATM without
the need to use a card.”

The project is the largest Hitachi has
implemented outside Japan, where the company has deployed 75,000
finger vein scanners across the majority of the country’s biometric

Peter Jones, deputy general manager for Finger
Vein-related Solutions, EMEA, for Hitachi Europe, said:

“Turkey is a dynamic, demanding and
fast-moving market and Hitachi was delighted that Isbank selected
our technology for their biometric banking project.

“Our wide experience of biometric banking
business in Japan means that we can react quickly to the demands of
the varied EMEA market and we are able to scale our operations to
match the business goals of ambitious players such as Isbank. We
are looking forward to future cooperation with the Bank as they
expand their portfolio of biometric applications.”