Over 40 of the 100 most marginal UK constituencies have lost at least ten free-to-use ATMs since July 2018.

And now campaign group Positive Money wants to make access to free-to-use ATMs an election issue.

Positive Money has briefed its supporters in the key marginals to quiz candidates on their plans to stem the closures.

Furthermore, campaigners will challenge candidates to support legislation to ensure that free-to-use ATMs are kept open.

Positive Money has released data detailing how many ATMs and bank branches have closed in each UK constituency.

Positive Money launches online election tool

In addition, it is launching an online tool for its supporters to share constituency-level data with their parliamentary candidates.

Positive Money spokesperson Rachel Oliver says: “We’re going all out to ensure that the cash crisis is an election. Most people want to be able to use cash day-to-day. But the big banks are trying to deny people this right, and the government has done nothing to stop them.

“If the public wants any choice over how to access their money in five years’ time, we need to stop this massive transfer of power from ordinary people to banks. We need MPs in the next parliament to ensure that the cash system is adequately funded so ATMs remain free and available to everyone.

“Over the next two weeks, thousands of us will be calling on our candidates to support enshrining free cash access in law.”

17 of the worst affected 41 seats in Scotland

Of the 41 target marginal constituencies identified by Positive Money, 17 are in Scotland.

Indeed, seven of the 10 worst affected seats are in Scotland, all having lost 16 or more free ATMs since July 2018.

For example, the Edinburgh North and Glasgow North seats have each lost 22 free ATMs in that period. The SNP is defending both, with majorities of just over 1,000 in each seat.

In Glasgow East where the SNP is defending a majority of just 75, 18 free ATMs have been lost.

The most marginal Conservative seat on the list is Stirling with a majority of 148-10 free ATMs have closed.

Other notable seats listed by Positive Money include Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath. Formerly the seat held by ex PM Gordon Brown, Labour is defending a majority of 259 over the SNP. Sixteen free ATMs have been axed in this seat.