American Express is introducing new offers for US Consumer, Small Business and Cobrand Card Members, as well as small merchants.

The new offers focus on online shopping, small business needs, local travel and more, continuing to add value for Card Members and Merchants where it matters.

Designed with customers’ current needs in mind, these offers provide support to navigate the impact of the pandemic and plan for the road ahead.

Finding ways “to elevate our membership experience”

Rachel Stocks, executive vice president, Global Premium Products and Benefits at American Express, said:

“Last year we moved quickly to support our Card Members by delivering relevant value and services to help them navigate the uncertainties of the pandemic. As a result, we saw incredible engagement across these offers which drove increased loyalty and lower attrition levels than in 2019 across our Card Member base.

“As we start a new year, we’re continuing to find ways to elevate our membership experience by adding new value to help our Card Members and small merchants make the most of their time spent at home, plan for the future, and help small businesses get back to business.”

Online shopping perks for consumer Platinum Card members

79% of consumers surveyed say they have spent significantly more time shopping online in the past 12 months than ever before and 53% indicate they plan to spend more on online purchases in 2021 than in the past, according to the Amex Trendex.