American Express is teaming up with other online fraud prevention companies to help stop card-not-present (CNP) fraud and make online shopping safer.

Enhanced Authorization, American Express’ industry-leading fraud identification solution, is now integrated via API into Accertify’s Fraud and Abuse Protection Platform, Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection and Riskified’s Fraud Management Platform.

The solution is now integrated into products from Accertify, Microsoft and Riskified.

Additional integrations are planned to come over time.

“The best way to drive fraud out of the digital payments ecosystem is for merchants and card issuers to share enhanced transaction details with each other at the moment an online purchase is happening,” said Tina Eide, SVP, Global Fraud Risk.

“Our partnerships with Accertify, Microsoft and Riskified expand the reach of our Enhanced Authorization solution to online merchants big and small, helping us to instantly identify and block fraudulent purchases. Working together to fight fraud benefits everyone.”

A more accurate detection of scammers

Enhanced Authorization is a global solution that more accurately and instantly identifies whether a fraudster or a true customer is on the other end of an online transaction.

Now, through the Enhanced Authorization API,  the solution is being integrated into the online fraud prevention products that many merchants leverage to protect their businesses enabling increased secure sharing of transaction details, which strengthens American Express’ fraud risk assessment on each transaction.

The additional integrations of Enhanced Authorization will provide many benefits to American Express merchants and Card Members, including:

  • Less fraud – Up to 60 percent reduction in fraud at online merchants, because fraudulent purchase attempts are more accurately declined
  • Increased approval rates – More legitimate transactions can be approved, with online merchants seeing an average increase of 50 basis points
  • Less checkout disruptions – Easier to identify and instantly verify good customers even if it’s their first time making a purchase
  • Seamless customer experience – Enhanced data is captured instantly in the background, so there’s no impact to the customer checkout experience.

Merchants can also share enhanced transaction details directly with American Express within the authorization request or via the Enhanced Authorization API.