American Express (Amex) has expanded its digital receipts functionality to provide US cardmembers with additional purchase details on Amazon orders.

The digital receipts feature was originally launched in February this year to help cardholders identify purchases and minimise transaction-related disputes.

It was launched after an AmEx commissioned report indicated that American customers are more likely to shop online this year.

The additional information includes merchant name and logo, order number, date of order, item(s) purchased, cost and merchant details.

This data is made available at cardmembers online accounts and the Amex mobile app.

The latest expansion will allow the Amex cardholders view the items purchased, the Amazon order number and other delivery details.

The company rolled out the feature in partnership with Verifi and its Order Insight solution.

American Express Global Merchant Processing and Policy vice-president Ramesh Devaraj said: “We know our customers value transparency and rely on us to introduce new products and services that make their lives easier.

“With this in mind, we rolled out Digital Receipts with a select group of Merchants earlier this year and are excited to continue to evolve the product today with Amazon.

“Digital Receipts is one of the many ways we are evolving to assist with our customers’ changing needs and we are excited to continue building on this progress and expand to more Merchants in the future.”

Recently, Amex conducted a survey on US consumers and merchants on the benefits digital receipts feature. A large majority of consumers said that it would help them to identify fraudulent charges on their card account.

Majority of surveyed merchants opined that additional transaction information would boost customer satisfaction and prevent unnecessary disputes.

Earlier this week, Amex partnered with Bangkok Bank to boost card acceptance in Thailand.