Apple and Goldman Sachs have launched their virtual credit card to select group of customers.

The move confirms earlier reports that the electronics giant will launch the much-anticipated offering this month.

Initially, a limited amount of people who notified themselves for the Apple credit card received sign-up invitations. A wider roll-out is expected later this month.

Both the companies were working on the credit card project for months, with Goldman Sachs allocating dozens of its employees for the development.

Recently, it released the iOS 12.4 update of its Wallet app to enable iPhones and iPads work with Apple Card.

The launch is expected to help Apple diversify its business which primarily involves electric products.

According to a Reuters report, the company will provide all iPhone owners with 2% cash back on purchases made using Apple Pay service. The Apple credit card users can also manage related finances through the app.

The customers can also apply for a titanium-made physical card. The card will come without a visible number. Instead, the iPhone, connected with the card, will store the number and will generate virtual numbers to enable purchases and transactions.

Apple noted that the purchase information will get stored on the user’s iPhone and will not be accessible to the company.

Last month, Apple initiated expanded trials of the credit card to evaluate its performance. It involved Apple’s retail employees.