Apple has reportedly expanded the testing of its upcoming credit card before its scheduled launch later this year.

According to a Bloomberg report, the American technology company has launched an internal beta programme for the Apple Card. It will involve Apple’s retail employees and help the company to assess its performance, before its commercial launch.

The initiative is also the first major trial of the card, co-developed in partnership with Goldman Sachs Group.

Under the trial, the Apple employees are allowed to use it publicly for purchases. However, they are asked not to discuss the card.

The digital version of the card is already available, while the physical card is expected to be available in two to three weeks.

The Apple card is digitally connected with the iPhone. It offers the users higher cash back on Apple purchases and all transactions made through Apple Pay.

Under the partnership, Goldman is responsible for payment processing, credit obligations, disputes and customer services.

The card is expected to be launched in the US market in the next few months. Apple is also in talks with financial regulators to introduce the offering in Europe, sources familiar with the matter told the publication.

Goldman has assigned at least 30 of its employees for this Apple card project. At Apple, the efforts are led by its Apple Pay and Wallet app teams.