Brex, corporate card provider for start-ups, will issue the World Elite Mastercard for Business with upgraded rewards and travel benefits.

On behalf of the firm, Emigrant Savings Bank will issue the World Elite Mastercard for Business.

Brex will also switch its existing cardholders to Mastercard’s World Elite programme to provide more personalised and premium rewards.

The additional benefits will include access to a luxury hotel and resorts programme, travel and rental car insurance, as well as emergency travel assistance.

In addition, customers will get Mastercard anti-fraud benefits, including purchase and ID theft protection.

Mastercard executive vice-president of digital partnerships for North America Sherri Haymond said: “By partnering with Brex, the Mastercard World Elite card can deliver on what startups require today to grow their business and anticipate needs for tomorrow.”

Brex CEO Henrique Dubugras added: “We’ve spent time building our card issuing technology from the ground up, giving us the flexibility to partner with a number of financial platforms. Today we add Mastercard to that list.

“We are focused on continuously improving the Brex platform to be the best corporate card for all businesses.”

The firm is also introducing a new fraud prevention technology, along with concierge fraud support for all Brex cardholders.

Brex launched the corporate card for start-up companies in June last year. Approval for the card is based on funding rather than credit history. The credit card features high limits and integrated expense management software.

In December, the firm introduced Brex Travel rewards programme, in alliance with TravelBank.

The new offering allows cardholders to book flights and hotels on the Brex platform. Subsequently, customers can redeem the rewards while paying for their business travel.