CardFlight, a mobile point-of-sale (POS) solutions provider, has introduced a simple and less expensive tablet-based terminal for small merchants to improve functionality.

The new SwipeSimple Register POS can be issued by service providers, banks and independent sales organisations to their merchants.

The countertop terminal features intuitive hardware and software setup, and comes with receipt printing capability as well as options for discount.

It also includes Item Categories to enable easy tracking and reporting of inventory, along with Favorites pages for better efficiency during checkout process.

CardFlight founder and CEO Derek Webster said: “Tablet POS solutions have been around for years, but most solutions are too complicated, too complex, and too expensive for small business owners and their employees.

“The reality is that most small businesses still use outdated methods like basic cash registers and payment terminals.

“SwipeSimple Register gives merchants the features they need for a simple, modern and effective point of sale that runs on virtually any tablet.”

The POS also features cloud based reporting dashboard with real-time analytics; EMV chip card reader technology featuring Quick Chip; electronic tip prompt and signature capture; digital receipts sent via email or SMS; and virtual terminal for accepting keyed card payments using any device.