Payment technology provider Fattmerchanthas entered into partnership with Gift UP, a software-based company that streamlines and automates the sale of online gift cards.

The new partnership will provide Fattmerchant’s members with another source of revenue by offering virtual gift cards and special pricing.

Furthermore, Gift Up will waive its customary 3.49% fee for Fattmerchant members’ first $5,000 in gift card sales.

The members can avail Gift Up through the Omni Marketplace while using the same low-cost subscription-based processing for their virtual gift card sales.

Fattmerchant chief innovation officer Chris Staymates said: “Both Fattmerchant and Gift Up are motivated to help SMBs during these unprecedented times. This partnership gives us the opportunity to work with a company that, like us, believes in putting merchants first.

“The strength and flexibility of our combined technologies allow merchants to continue collecting revenue, whether they traditionally offer digital services or not. With plenty of room to grow our partnership in the future, we look forward to expanding our combined services.”

Under the partnership, the new merchants will also have the option to select Fattmerchant as their payment processor while creating their Gift Up accounts.

Gift UpfounderLee Tracey said: “During this period of uncertainty, most consumers are looking for ways to support the businesses they know and love.”

“Our hope is that by coming together with Fattmerchant to share networks and provide help when it’s most needed, we can make the sale of virtual gift cards easier than ever and lessen the negative financial impact many SMBs are experiencing.”

Each merchantcant is provided with their own customisable landing page for virtual gift card sales.

In addition, they can use Gift Up’s app for the redemption of gift cards purchased by their customers.