Fingerprints Card, a Sweden-based biometrics company, has launched the first commercial third-generation fingerprint sensor, dubbed FPC1291.

The new single-chip, single-die solution eliminates the need for a companion chip while delivering the performance benefits of the dual-chip platform.

Apart from improving performance, the third-generation sensor also simplifies the OEM design process and supports easy hardware integration in applications like smartphones, the company claims.

The FPC1291 sensor comes in different variations for all kinds of top layers, e.g. glass and ceramic coating.

Fingerprints senior VP of research & development and CTO Pontus Jagemalm said: “We are very proud to launch the third generation of fingerprint sensors, starting with FPC1291. It will not only have better biometric performance in everyday use cases, but also in tougher conditions as the new technology handles distortion like common mode noise better than ever before.”

The FPC1291 sensor has cleared extensive testing and verification, and prototypes are available for smartphone manufacturers, in partnership with module manufacturers.