GD Entertainment and Technology (GDET), a firm focused on the crypto space, has launched a crypto/fiat dual debit/credit card dubbed as, Dual Crypto Dreamcard.

The new offering is equipped with a dual-chip, which allows the user to carry their crypto in ‘cold storage’, while concurrently linking to their wallet.

GDET claims that its Dual Crypto Dreamcard is the world’s first crypto-fiat multifunctional card.

It also allows its users to securely access multiple accounts everywhere they go.

Furthermore, GDET has made several changes to its DreamCard website to allows users to swap their plastic debit or credit card for a metal card of their choice.

GDET’s Dreamcard has also designed a prototype card for the MGM Grand Casino as part of is branding strategy.

In March 2019, GDET’s subsidiary DreamCard launched a new card for the cryptocurrency cold storage market.

Cold storage enables private keys associated with cryptocurrencies to be preserved securely offline.

GDET forayed into the pay card market with the acquisition of DreamCard in August 2018.

The rise in popularity of cryptocurrency has prompted many companies to venture into the crypto space to offer their customers the ease of paying in crypto using their cards.

In June 2021, KYN Capital Group announced that its crypto app suite Koinfold will include a debit card.

In May this year, cryptocurrency trading platform Criptan launched CriptanCard in partnership with Mastercard.