Augmented identity technology provider IDEMIA and banking-as-a-service firm Treezor have joined forces to introduce an eco-friendly payment card.

The 85+% recycled PVC card, said to be the first eco-friendly credit card by a fintech in France, is scheduled to launch this September.

Onlyone will be the first recipient of the new offering.

IDEMIA executive vice-president for Financial institutions activities Amanda Gourbaul said: “We strive to adopt green practices throughout our operations by going paperless and developing digital and eco-friendly bank card solutions. Bank cards are manufactured from industrial waste-based recycled PVC in line with circular economy principles, which seek to cut waste of natural resources and minimise industrial waste.

“IDEMIA also obtained “Environmental Claim Validation Summary” certification from its recycled PVC supplier “UL Environment Inc.”

The latest development builds on the three-year alliance between IDEMIA and Treezor.

The partnership resulted in the development of metal cards and new look cards with coloured layers and bushed metal finish for French neobanks and fintechs.

The development also aligns with the green initiatives of the two parties and demand for sustainable solutions by consumers.

IDEMIA was recently in the news for its partnership with Malaysia-based RHB Bank and Spanish banking group BBVA to launch payment cards made out of recycled plastic.