Augmented identity technology provider IDEMIA has teamed up with Indian lender IndusInd Bank to introduce its first metal credit card.

Called ‘PIONEER Heritage’, the new offering offers privileges in several areas including travel, wellness, and lifestyle.

The metal cards by IDEMIA are entirely made out of metal with pure metal plates or out of a metal core/middle with PVC back and/or front layers.

They are customised via laser engraving into the card surface.

The new metal credit card can be availed by the wealth customers of IndusInd Bank.

The bank has 1,910 branches/ banking outlet and 2,785 ATMs across India. It unveiled its ‘PIONEER Banking’ wealth management platform last January to serve HNW clients.

IDEMIA executive vice president, Financial Institutions Amanda Gourbault said: “As the world goes digital, payment cards are arguably the last physical touch-point between the bank and its customers.

“The significance of metal cards is to promote IndusInd Bank’s brand and serve as a tool to create loyalty for the bank. Our global experience is that Metal cards facilitate Card Holders’ exclusive and premium payment experience and hence the customer loyalty.”

On an annual basis, IDEMIA manufactures over 800 million payment products.

It provides a range of metal cards to serve people including the HNW to mass affluent segment.

In this regard, IDEMIA cited a research that revealed that metal cards are a major differentiator for 58% of the card holders.

Last month, IDEMIA said that it will pilot its new biometric cards – the F.CODE Gen2 for IDEMIA – in India.

IDEMIA recently also received the ICCN security certificate from EMVCo for the next generation of biometric card secure chip.