IDEX Biometrics, a Norwegian biometrics technology firm, has formed a new partnership with an American payment network provider.

The biometrics firm said that it is working with the unnamed payment services provider to actively engage with card issuers. It is also the third payments provider that the Norwegian company is working with, to support biometric payment card adoption.

IDEX is committed to bring biometric payment cards to the mass market and has entered into tie-ups with payment networks, card manufacturers and card issuers to attain this goal.

The firm says that by partnering with several members in the payment card ecosystem, it can provide biometric solutions to all card manufacturers around the world.

IDEX Biometrics CEO Vince Graziani said: “We are very pleased that yet another key member of the payment card ecosystem, this time a global payment network and card issuer, has made a strong commitment to our vision and mission.

“This is another example of our fingerprint sensors and biometric solutions being the preferred option for companies that recognise biometric payment cards are the future.”

Last October, IDEX Biometrics was selected by Zwipe to produce 300,000 units of TrustedBio fingerprint sensors. The fingerprint sensors will enable Zwipe to expand its Pay ONE platform across the US, Europe and Asia.

IDEX further stated that the deployment of Pay ONE with TrustedBio fingerprint sensors is a cost-effective biometric payment card solution. Last April, Zwipe selected the biometrics technology company as its preferred partner to offer sensors for Zwipe Pay ONE biometric payment card solution.