Biometric authentication solutions provider IDEX Biometrics has secured a new patent in the US for on-card biometric enrolment solutions.

The company also announced registration of a utility model patent in Germany for the solution.

On-card enrolment solutions allow cardholders to register a template image of their finger onto a biometric card, without connecting it to any other device or network.

Cardholders can carry out the enrolment in their own home, eliminating the need to visit a bank to complete the process.

Such on-card enrolment solutions have been licenced to multiple payment card manufacturers.

Last year, IDEX secured on-card enrolment patents in the US, Australia and the UK.

The new patents, granted in the US and Germany, include alternative concepts for on-card enrolment solutions.

It includes attaching a temporary stick-on power source on the front of the card to provide power during enrolment. Once complete, the user can peel off overlay.

IDEX CEO Stan Swearingen said: “On-card enrolment solutions are the de-facto standard for biometric smart card enrolment worldwide and we continue to expand our patent coverage in key geographies.”

It can be noted that earlier this week IDEX passed the EMVCo Security Evaluation for its development site in Farnborough, the UK. It will support the company’s plan to begin mass production of biometric smart cards.