Smart card chip developer CEC Huada Electronic Design (HED) has teamed up with fingerprint identification solutions provider IDEX Biometrics to develop a reference design for biometric smart cards.

Secure element- a chip that is tamper-resistant- forms one of the key components of a smart card. This element stores sensitive data in the smart card.

IDEX Biometrics reference design

HED general manager Chang Feng said: “Adding biometrics enhances the user experience and security level in a smart card. To ensure an optimal solution it’s critical that the biometric system is compatible with the SE. This is core to the IDEX and HED collaboration.

“We expect the reference design to be in very high demand across multiple verticals, including banking, identification, and social security.”

The latest partnership is said to cut down complexity and time-to-market, while easing the integration process.

IDEX Biometrics CEO Stan Swearingen said: “HED is the largest Chinese SE company, with a dominant position across several verticals, including national ID, social security, banking cards, and ships more than 1.5 billion pieces annually.

“HED is strong proponent for biometric smart cards, and we are confident the collaboration will be beneficial for both parties as well as the end user.”

Adoption of biometric technology is currently on the rise, largely due to its capacity for addressing fraud concerns more effectively.

A couple of days back, Infineon Technologies partnered with IDEX Biometrics to develop biometric card technology.

Earlier this month, Chutian Dragon collaborated with IDEX Biometrics to develop dual-interface biometric cards.