US-based firm KYN Capital Group (KYNC) has announced that its crypto app suite Koinfold will include a debit card.

The Koinfold Debit Card will be directly linked to the user’s Koinfold account to enable payments. The cards may carry additional functionalities which would be announced later.

The announcement comes days after KYN Capital Group unveiled Koinfold crypto app suite. The offering will include all tools to enable the users purchase, sell, or store your crypto securely.

The suite will also include Koinfoldpay, a contactless crypto payment gateway for businesses.

KYNC CEO Rick Wilson said: “As we assist with society’s transition toward the normalisation of crypto payments, we understand that not all merchants will embrace this movement as quickly as some have.

“We see the Koinfold Debit Card as one more step in this evolution, allowing consumers the ability to use their crypto accounts for payment with merchants that are not yet equipped for touchless crypto payment systems such as Koinfoldpay.”

Koinfold App and debit card are expected to be rolled out in the coming quarters of 2021.

After presenting Koinfold, Wilson said: “Our team of world class developers and designers have been working tirelessly, and we plan to disrupt the crypto trading industry with our low costs, all-in-one app, and ease of use.

“We want to be the solution to the problem of high costs, poor customer service, and long transfer times associated with trading crypto.”