NetCents Technology, a provider of cryptocurrency payments technology solutions, has completed the technical integration of the NetCents Cryptocurrency Credit Card.

NetCents has integrated the credit card programme into its User Wallets, NC Exchange, and Instant Settlements ecosystem.

Before launching, the company has tested the credit card in real-world environments as a final step.

Additionally, through its first merchant integration, the company will allow merchants to use cryptocurrency funds to load their credit cards.

Following the launch, the card will enable cryptocurrency payments at 40 million merchants globally wherever Visa cards are accepted.

NetCents Technology CEO Clayton Moore said: “Since starting this process, our relationship with Visa has evolved and expanded”.

“We look forward to working with Visa, evolving and driving these initiatives together.

“We hope to update you on these advancements in the near future.”

NetCents cardholders will not have the option to pre-load cryptocurrency onto their card.

This eliminates the risk of potential lost appreciation caused by rising cryptocurrency values between the time the user loads it and the time they spend it.

The NetCents cryptocurrency credit card cardholders can spend the cryptocurrency using their wallet directly.

Users can select up to three cryptocurrencies to spend on their card.

The card, which is also integrated with NetCents mobile app, will have a chip, pin, magstripe, and NFC functionality.

NetCents uses its Instant Settlement technology to convert cryptocurrency funds to real money for real-time consumer purchasing and merchant pay-outs.