Orange Bank, a 100% mobile bank based in France, has introduced its new digital debit card in Spain and the first virtual payment card in entire Eurozone.

The Orange Bank debit card is available on the mobile banking app upon signing up. It is a part of the bank’s 100% mobile philosophy.

The bank customers can start using the card instantly from the app, without having to wait for the physical debit card.

They can add this card to mobile payment and digital wallet services like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

Customers can check their card number, CVC code, and expiration date by navigating to the ‘cards’ section within the app.

The app will also allow them to set up security preferences like freezing or unfreezing or cancelling their card as well as control their spending.

In a press release, Orange Bank said: “In line with our 100% mobile philosophy, we have created a new card updated to the latest version, more secure and sustainable.

“Currently, we spend an average of three hours surfing the internet, which encourages companies to innovate and offer new mobile solutions that improve people’s lives.”

Customers can transfer funds from another bank account to their orange bank account to have sufficient balance for making payments.

Additionally, customers can also request a physical card from the app, for free.

The contactless Mastercard debit card will only display the name of the cardholder – since the card data is stored within the app.

Customers can use their virtual or physical debit card to make everyday purchases in-store as well as online.