Accounts payable automation and spend management solution provider Plate IQ and 1-800Accountant, a virtual tax and accounting firm, have teamed up to provide The Plate IQ Card in the US.

The new offering is a corporate card and expense management platform aimed at small business owners and people running their businesses alone.

The Plate IQ Card does not require any credit checks, personal guarantees or minimum bank balance.

It offers spend control and visibility to the SMB market.

1-800Accountant will leverage this partnership to offer a corporate card programme to its customers.

It will provide access to The Plate IQ Card to more than 200,000 small business owners.

This is the first partnership for Plate IQ, and is led by its card product, launched last month.

In a promotional offer, 1-800Accountant customers will have access to the Plate IQ Card platform for 90 days. They will be issued one physical card and unlimited virtual cards.

Plate IQ CEO and co-founder Bhavuk Kaul said: “We are thrilled to provide 1-800Accountant’s customers with the first corporate card program tailored to their unique needs. For too long, these customers have been locked out of corporate card programs with stringent requirements and unwieldy technology.

“This partnership aligns our teams around a shared goal: to give every small business a user-friendly way to control business spending.”

1-800Accountant chief revenue officer Brendon Pack said: “This partnership is an opportunity for our customers to leverage a powerful new innovation in fintech: enterprise-grade spend controls and corporate card programs in a product designed for small and medium-sized businesses.”