British online bank Pockit has launched a new card design for its mobile current account and Pockit Prepaid Mastercard.

The new Prepaid Mastercard, with a bold modern design, was created in partnership with leading UK card manufacturer and bureau

Pockit provides traditional banking services through mobile app to the unbanked in the United Kingdome.

Founded in 2014 with a mission to make a better current account for customers who are excluded and underserved by high-street banks, Pockit provides a simple way for people to manage their money and make it go further.

An evolution from basic prepaid card

Adrian Boal Merino, Head of Customer Operations at Pockit explains:

“The 4th generation Pockit Prepaid Mastercard, reflects our evolution from a basic prepaid card to a true digital first current account. The exciting new features we have added to the account are reflected in the bright, bold and modern design, showcasing the distinctive yellow Pockit brand our customers love!

The Pockit Prepaid Mastercard is available for all new customers, who can open an account in just three minutes online or in the Pockit app. The refreshed design has a special matte finish which gives the Pockit Prepaid Mastercard a great look and improves the day to day usability.”

A range of security features

“Keeping our customers’ money safe is one of our top priorities, we have added a range of extra security features. For example, both the customer’s personal details and sensitive card information have been moved to the reverse of the card, which reduces the chance of this information being exposed and stolen,“ Merino went on.

We worked closely with to develop the new design. The team are experts in their field and have helped us deliver on our vision for a stunning new card design that adds value for our customers.”

Aiming for better customer experience

“We went through numerous stages of refinement, which involved creating 3D animated mock-ups and then physical card proofs and testing before agreeing the final design. The cards are manufactured and distributed directly from’ accredited UK facility,” Merino said. “Because all the staff are based on-site in the UK, they are able to provide an end-to-end service which is much faster and more efficient than other suppliers.”

Chris Freddi, Relationship Manager at confirms:

“Pockit is a striking brand with a social purpose and we have been delighted to work on the design and manufacture of the new Pockit Prepaid Mastercard, adding new features and a new look to the cards for a better customer experience.”