SmartMetric, a US-based technology company, has added a biometric fingerprint scanner to a standard credit and debit card for protection against payment card fraud.

The new biometric fingerprint scanner has been developed using a miniaturised Cortex processor together with a power management system that is used to recharge the cards internal battery.

SmartMetric said the fingerprint reader will allow biometric identification to authenticate the card user before the card gets ready for function.

The product works by scanning a person’s fingerprint on the card and is used to activate the payments card chip.

SmartMetric president and CEO Chaya Hendrick said: "This is an amazing leap forward in identity and card fraud protection.

"SmartMetric, having won a recent multi-million legal fee case that was part of its Patent Infringement law suit it had brought against Visa Inc. and MasterCard International, is now free to move forward on all fronts."