Western Union and PERA HUB, a financial services company, have announced the integration of Western Union’s digital money transfer capabilities into the UnionBank banking platform.

The collaboration offers customers in the Philippines the choice to receive Western Union money transfers, 24/7, via a banking app.

Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank), one of the largest banks in the Philippines is a digital sub-representative of PETNET Inc.’s retail brand, PERA HUB.

The receiver-enabled capability allows customers in the Philippines to direct an international or domestic Western Union money transfer into their UnionBank account by simply inputting Western Union’s unique money transfer control number (MTCN) and other identification details into the UnionBank app (available on iOS and Android).

Later this year the bank will extend its offering to enable customers to send money to their loved ones via the app, locally or worldwide.

The transfers can be made to billions of bank accounts and millions of mobile wallets and cards in approximately 125 countries, or more than half a million representative locations in more than 200 countries and territories.

Senders can fund their money transfers through their UnionBank accounts

“With the expansion of our services with PERA HUB via UnionBank, we are delivering more choice and convenience for our customers in the Philippines,” said Jeffrey Navarro, Head of Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei & Indochina for Western Union.

“It cements the momentum we are building in digitalising money transfers while serving customers who live between a digital and physical world, and in a truly global manner. Our collaboration with PERA HUB stems from our unique omnichannel strategy, bringing additional value and scale to customers in the country.”

Bridging the digital divide

Western Union’s inclusive omnichannel capability is uniquely positioned to build bridges connecting digitally advanced people with those in the world who are not yet online.

As part of its strategy, Western Union is increasingly partnering with local brands, accelerating money movement, and providing reliable connections between individuals and their loved ones across the globe.