Norwegian biometric technology company Zwipe has rolled out a new JavaCard operating system (OS) that is compatible with numerous payment network applets worldwide.

The company, which already supports one major operating system Multos, believes that the launch of Java OS will further boost its presence in biometric payment card industry.

The new OS has been designed to support biometric payment cards, wearables and other payment and biometric applications.

Commenting on the launch of the new operating system, Zwipe CEO André Løvestam said: “With this announcement, Zwipe is uniquely positioned to be able to offer products that address both Multos and Java, further broadening the company’s scope in meeting various customer preferences and needs in the biometric payment card marketplace” adding “several of our already announced partners will use our JavaCard enabled biometric payment solution and we have received interest from multiple other card manufacturers to integrate it into their payment card offerings.”

Zwipe’s biometric payment platform is based on its biometric engine and power management systems located on a flexible inlay that can be combined inside a traditional payment card by card manufacturing partners.

This platform, according to Zwipe, can be integrated seamlessly with JavaCard OS as well as numerous payment applets found on the card’s secure element.

Recently, Zwipe teamed up with Brazilian card manufacturer Thomas Greg & Sons do Brasil (TGS) to launch biometric payment cards.

Earlier, Zwipe joined forces with British card manufacturer TAG Systems Group to launch a commercial biometric payment card offering.

In March, Zwipe selected Fingerprint’s T-shaped sensor for the latest version of its biometric payment card.