Norwegian biometric technology firm Zwipe has joined forces with British card manufacturer TAG Systems Group to launch a commercial biometric payment card offering.

The proposed offering will include a secure at-home enrolment platform.

TAG Systems’ subsidiaries across Europe, including TagNitecrest in the UK, will integrate Zwipe’s proprietary biometric technology platform in order to support the commercialisation of the platform.

Commenting on the agreement, TAG Systems CEO Jon Neeraas said: “we are excited to launch this partnership with Zwipe leveraging their expertise and intellectual property in this emerging product vertical.

“We work with some of the world’s largest and fastest growing challenger banks and see their capability to launch new products in high volume, we believe financial institutions can embrace this biometric payment card technology and successfully scale up.”

Zwipe CEO André Løvestam said: “TAG Systems is one of most prominent card manufacturers in the Nordics and a first mover and leading supplier to European challenger banks. I am confident that this collaboration will further strengthen Zwipe’s position in the growing biometric payment marketplace.”

TAG Systems is the primary card manufacturing partner for various financial firms in Northern Europe. It also provides wide range of products for many European challenger banks.

Last month, Zwipe selected Fingerprint’s T-shaped sensor for the latest version of its biometric payment card.