Zwipe has selected Fingerprint’s T-shaped sensor for the latest version of its biometric payment card.

The biometric technology firm said that the selection is based on the sensor’s performance and scalability in mass volume production.

Fingerprint’s T-shaped sensor will specifically to leverage post-placement production method. Furthermore, this is a very effective means of producing biometric smart cards in mass scale.

It runs on ultra-low power. Therefore, this eliminates the need to place a battery on the card.

In addition, securely storing the biometric templates on the card prevents fraud and misuse.

Zwipe CEO André Løvestam said: “We have a long-standing partnership with Fingerprint Cards and have chosen the T-Shape sensor because it gives our solution the quickest route to market, helping Zwipe offer a mass-market ready solution while leveraging our strong position in the value chain as evidenced by our patent portfolio.”

Fingerprints launched the biometric module in September of 2017. It was soon selected by IDEMIA for that its biometric payment card solution.

Last month, digital security company Gemalto also selected Fingerprint Cards’ biometric systems to add new features to its dual interface payment cards.

As per the agreement, Gemalto will leverage Fingerprints’ T-Shape sensor to deliver biometric EMV payment cards to its bank customers.